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Soirée Mad Mapping @ Màd - December 17th, 2010

A Mapping Festival party with Geneva dancefloor kids, but not everyone. For Vjs: Azadeeh, Camille De Dieu, Boris and Lupin, most of them are involved in Mapping Festival from many years. They are part of Mapping Vjs Crew, as we used to say, and don’t leave their visual the festival indifferent. For Djs: Daria, Sonja Moonear, Dachshund and Marie-Avril. Most of them are Dj and producer, this line up mix between electro, techno and house each with various influence. Crédits photos:

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Mapping 2010 @ Bâtiment d'art contemporain

Mapping Festival 2010 openning and exhibition @ BAC, Geneva Crédit photo:, Jay Louvion, Supapix, Jérome Monnot

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Mapping 2010 @ Théâtre du Grütli

Audiovisual performances : Inject by Herman Kolgen and Intermediated by The Erasers (worshop and performance) Crédits photos:, Aline Groley, Jay Louvion, Jérôme Monnot, Supapix.

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Mapping 2010 @ Théâtre de la Parfumerie

Crédits photos:, Aline Groley, Jay Louvion, Jérôme Monnot, Supapix.

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Mapping 2010 @ Zoo / Usine

Mapping Festival parties @ Zoo/Usine : Slash, Bass Me!, White Night, Gang Bang, Pix'Hell and Pink Leopard! Crédits photos:, Aline Groley, Supapix

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Mapping 2010 @ Cinéma Spoutnik

Audiovisual performances and VJ contest at the Cinema Spoutnik / Usine Crédits photos:, Aline Groley, Supapix.

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Mapping 2010 @ MAD

Crédits photos: Aline Groley.

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Mapping 2010 @ Espace St Gervais

Anti VJ and Mapping present a novel visual and sonic experience: the encounter between a place, the church of St Gervais, an organ, the field of numerical installations and an audiovisual performance. Crédits photos:

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