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Mapping 2011 @ Bâtiment d'art contemporain (BAC)

Mapping Festival 2010 openning and exhibition May 19 & Performances May 21 @ BAC, Geneva Crédit photo:, Evdokia Raymondin, Anne-Cécile Vallentet, Mélanie Groley, Germain Ferey, Aline Groley

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Mapping Festival 2011 @ Zoo

Mapping Go, Rétro Lazers en action: Dubstep & D'n'B party @ Zoo - Friday, May 20th /// Stripe Party, Electro to techno party @ Zoo, Saturday May 21st /// Crédit photo:, Aline Groley, Mélanie Groley

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Mapping Festival 2011 @ Fonderie Kugler

Friday, May 20th: Iduun, Supermafia /// Saturday, May 21st: People Like Us, Greie Gut Fraktion /// Crédit photo:, Germain Ferey, David Ravel

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Mapping Festival 2011 @ Spoutnik

Friday, May 20th: 35Plis, Udosson://Mredit /// Saturday, May 21st: Zan Lyons, Fernando Velazquéz & Francisco Lapetina /// Crédit photo: Aline Groley,, David Ravel, Mélanie Groley

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