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BEWARE: Mapping Festival 2012 call for entries start OCTOBER 18th TUESDAY until NOVEMBER 18th FRIDAY included.

Different categories:
- Clubbing: VJing / scenography / Set AV
- Audiovisual performance
- Installation / Exhibition
- Outdoor projection
- Workshop / Lecture / Software demonstration

Booked next Mapping Festival: May 10th to 20th, 2012!

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Mapping video for U.ZN deactivation part. 2 on October 15th Saturday, 2011!

For the event, two audiovisual performances will illuminate the ephemeral structure build for 22 years Usine birthday.

Refik Anadol (Turkey) and Sebastian Neitsch (Germany) will hypnotize us with their dramatic minimalism with a piece entitled Ephemera, an AV performance which seeks interactions between space, sound, visual and light. Visuals are synchronized to the movement of graphics re-shaping and transforming the structure on which they are projected.

Then the gifted Canadians, Baillat Cardell & Sons, will delight us by their sensitivity and technical mastery. They worked with Le Cirque du Soleil, Ariane Morffatt, La Place des Arts of Montréal and many others… CAG present a live explorative performance on U.ZN, using text by the poet Steve Savage. This is an intuitive exploration, mysterious, hypnotic and purely graphic.

Both audiovisual performances use video mapping, are were designed specifically for the 22nd anniversary of Usine. A special presentation presented by the Mapping Festival and U.ZN.

Baillat Cardell & Fils – CAG

Refik Anadol and Sebastian Neitsch - Ephemera

More information:


(Français) Mapping Festival recherche: coordinateur/rice artistique et production

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New video: FAIL @ Mapping Festival 2011

FAIL “Wood as Bones, Light as Flesh” @ Mapping Festival 2011, Bâtiment d’Art Contemporain, Geneva.

The structure is in essence a narrative organism. This being is telling its story without words or any human form. Its body is its language. This body has its own temporal vitality, a re-interpretation of the human condition. The wood has the value of bones and flesh is no different from the temporality of light.

As the audience moves around the sculpture, they are inevitably part of the story unfolding around them.

FAIL is the collective of electric kettle, SILANT, Lucy Benson and fRED

Image and editing : Jerome Monnot

Video by VJ Fader: Synchronic @ Mapping Festival 2011

Synchronic @ Mapping Festival 2011 from VJFader on Vimeo.

Audio Visual Dance Performance @ Mapping Festival 2011
Spoutnik Theater, Geneva
May 28th 2011

Director, Visual Design – Fader
Dancers – Aya Irizuki, Elsée DALL’AVA
Sound – Tilman Porschuetz
Choreography – Adrian Sierra
Costume – Elséee Dall’ava

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