VJ Fader, Adrian Sierra Garcia, Aya Irizuki, Elsée Dall'ava, Tilman Porschuetz


Array to Audiovisual PerformanceSpoutnik / Usine

(US/FR/DE) - Impermanent Synchronic

IMPERMANENT SYNCHRONIC is an audio visual experimental performance that uses synergy to explore the rhythm hidden within a human body. Five performers, a visual artist, an choreographer, an electronic musician, and two dancers from three countries will gather to create a temporal space that's consist of sound, animation, and dance.

A music sequence is notes spread out in time. This logic can be translated into physical distances, where the distance between multiple points is a visual representation of a music sequence. Using custom software, by combining the techniques of video mapping, music sequences can be drawn based on a three dimensional object. In our case the subject is the human body, by visually plotting points in real-time onto a dancer, the human anatomy becomes a template for music.

Another level of interaction is introduced. Where the movement of a dancer, through computer vision, is affecting the audio visual environment sculpted around them. For example, when a dancer jumps, a splash of color spray onto the dance floor with a matching sound.

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