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Array to Audiovisual PerformanceSpoutnik / Usine

(DE) - Nachtstà¼ck

Mredit (live animations) and Udosson (live musical compositions) live in digital symbiosis since 2008. Pixel-soup with fine particles of sound. While the one - MREDIT - loves to browse through thick keyframe forests to find the perfect pixel, the other - UDOSSON - knows how to illuminate the path with magnificently nuanced soundscapes.

The two meter tall son of Udo is a master of subtlety. In his wonderfully calm manner, he combines single sound-bricks to create smooth ambient tunes which reveal a natural dramaturgy.
The media artist MREDIT has a gift to apply the most delightful details imaginable to his visuals. Carefully chosen pixel puzzles and the right quantum of humor are the ingredients for his charismatic animations.

Their new performance NACHTSTUCK is situated between dream and animation movie telling the story of night adventures and encounters.

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