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Array to Audiovisual PerformanceFonderie Kugler

(FR) - Kadâmbini

Iduun is an audio-video project for visual performances or installations. Behind the name of this Scandinavian goddess is hidden a duo of video directors: Volt'air (Bart) and Anome (Philippe). Together, they wish to use video as a stand alone and free live media for performances, like a musical instrument, able to follow a partition or to improvise... Iduun produce lives, as stories, dream-likes world. Every time Iduun play, a re-interpretation is born...

Their new project is an audiovisual theatre performance telling the story of a pilote, Kadâmbini. A club placed there, in the middle of nowhere. Kadâmbini, handlebar mustache and aviator glasses screwed on his head, is ready for the most incredible journey of his life : a journey made of nonsense, absurdity and manipulation, built of loops, lights and reversed situations. KADAMBINI is using digital technologies mixed with a Lewis Carroll style. A poetic world and a dreamy logic.

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