Artists descriptions

Michal Mierzwa (Antistatic Family) / Piotr Bejnar (Mo's Ferry)


Array to Audiovisual PerformanceLe Commun (Bâtiment d'art contemporain)

(PL) - Graphical Landscapes

GRAPHICAL LANDSCAPES, inspired at the beginning by polish landscapes, takes the audience to the world of pure, graphical, abstract scenery. As the real landscapes it is changing all the time. First being calm, then changing faster and faster. Just like the music. For the first half an hour you can hear the laugh of the children, slow, but distressing melodies, and then, slowly the rythm is dominating the sound, and the music goes straight into characteristic, dancing character - so typical for Piotr Bejnar.

Michal Mierzwa, who represents Antistatic Family at VJ events, works in graphic design and VJ-ing. It is VJ-ing, however, that always remains one of his main activities. He creates visuals since 2002, always preferring to engage in closed, carefully thought through projects than in regular VJ sets in clubs. Being familiar with the subject and the musician to cooperate with is a priority for him. Since the beginning of 2009 Michal Mierzwa has been working with Piotr Bejnar, while at the same time developing his own projects, like typographic visuals for Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland, and creating VJ sets in many clubs in Poland and abroad.

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