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legoman & Stray Dogs


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(CH)/(BE) - Intangible States

INTANGIBLE STATES is a live audiovisual performance sprouting from the fruitful collaboration between the Belgian postrock/electronica duo Stray Dogs and Swiss video artist Yannick Jacquet aka Legoman (known for his work with the AntiVJ collective). Developing this performance during a long period of time has technically and artistically allowed them to create a starkly original audiovisual universe, in which the live interplay between the consisting elements (music, videoprojections, lighting) takes a central role.

Instead of using the traditional stage/screen setup, they designed a scenography in which a multitude of projection surfaces are placed in such a way that musicians, visuals and light are fully integrated into the performance space. It creates a whole in which visual and auditory elements gain equal importance.

Reflecting the semi-improvised character of Stray Dogs's music and Legoman's visuals, the scenography adapts itself to the performance space, which gives a sense of uniqueness to every performance.

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