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(UK) - Inhabitants

INHABITANTS is a unique fusion of live contemporary dance performance, sound and film - a theatrical experience to indulge the senses. It is both thrilling and disturbing, with moments of elegance and beauty within Abby Warrilow's choreography.

Dancers become feral creatures, abandoned and isolated in a haunted dilapidated dwelling. Over time they become part of nature itself, reclaiming civilized human structures for themselves. Perhaps these beings were once human, an unsettling example of what happens if we are left isolated, alone in the wild for too long...

Formed in 2001 and based in Edinburgh, Cagoule works internationally on various innovative film projects that merge live action, movement and motion graphics. Cagoule's Directors are Lewis Gourlay and Abby Warrilow and INHABITANTS Project Manager Kate Martin. Lewis is a motion graphic artist and an award winning creative editor and director; Abby is a director and choreographer with an international reputation who has received numerous accolades for her work; and Kate is a freelance curator with a passion for cross-disciplinary and collaborative art projects.

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