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Fernando Velà¡zquez & Francisco Lapetina


Array to Audiovisual PerformanceSpoutnik / Usine

(BR) - Library

Fernando Velà¡zquez (media artist) and Francisco Lapetina (musician) present LIBRARY. The title alludes to the library folder, common to virtually all computer software.
This folder name responds to one of the many analogies with the physical world with which the computer interfaces and behaviors were appointed at some point in the recent history. In the audiovisual performance, the "library container" is the imaginary of the performers and the embeddable modules are the personal experiences acquired (knowledge).

Inspired by the relation between physical world and computers, LIBRARY operates with images from our private libraries: our books, magazines, cds, dvds, etc.. The soundscape is an hybrid mix of analogical sounds generated and processed in real time with samples and other sound files: hypnotic!

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